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Krypt 6.5" HLCD Wakeboard Tower Speakers
Krypt KrpytHLCD65 Krypt 6.5

Brand: Krypt
Krypt HLCD speakers are the most advanced wakeboard tower speakers available today. We designed our speakers with pro audio loudspeaker technology, and converted it to what customers demand on wakeboard towers. Traditionally car audio speakers are installed on wakeboard towers, but they are not designed to be heard more than 5’ – 10’ from the speakers max. Krypt HLCD speakers are designed to push clean and clear volume out 80’ and beyond. How did we do this? We built our speakers with the same loudspeaker technologies that are used at concerts and other large events. Fire these speakers up with the RMS power rating, and they are 3 to 4 times louder than any car audio speakers available. Krypt HLCD speakers have a Carbon Fiber cone with rubber surrounds to withstand extreme environments (marine grade). Kapton Voice Coils and Ferrite Magnets allow our speakers to handle lots of power and withstand long periods of high heat. A 2” Horn Loaded Compression Driver (HLCD) is mounted to the rear of the magnet, and the sound is fired through a coaxially mounted flare for maximum sound distance. All frequencies are pushed to the speaker through a provided crossover. Included: 1 Pair of speakers, 1 pair of grills, and 1 pair of crossovers.

KrpytHLCD65 Black Black
Part #:KrpytHLCD65
Color: Black
Price: $375.00