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SYN 4: 400w Full Range 4 Channel Class H Amplifier
Wet Sounds W.SYN4 SYN 4: 400w Full Range 4 Channel Class H Amplifier

Brand: Wet Sounds
Wet Sounds™ Syndicate Series Marine Amplifiers represent the highest performing marine audio amplifiers on the market. With advanced technologies like Class H and Class G/H power supplies for high power with less current draw and less heat. Microprocessor controlled forced fan cooling, full polished stainless steel chassis for true marine grade, conformal coated PCB boards, advanced microprocessor protection circuit for under/over voltage, thermal overload and short protection, flexible crossovers for both high pass and low pass use on full range models, and matched power ratings to drive all Wet Sounds™ speakers.

SYN4 Full Range 4 Channel Class H Amplifier Specs:

Stereo @ 4 Ohms 125w x 4 Stereo @ 2 Ohms 200w x 4 Bridged @ 4 Ohms 400w x2

W.SYN4 Stainless Stainless
Part #:W.SYN4
Color: Stainless
Price: $600.00

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